Nebius AI and announce technological partnership

We are thrilled to collaborate with a company that develops such a widely used and significant open-source tool as DVC. builds DVC (Data Version Control), DVC CLI, DVC Studio, DVC VSCode extension and other developer tools for machine learning. The story of the company started back in 2017 with the publishing of DVC, an open-source version control system designed specifically for managing ML projects. The company’s most recent product is DataChain, a tool and SaaS designed to simplify work with unstructured AI datasets. DataChain operates in the field of TractoAI, Nebius’ end-to-end solution for data processing and distributed training.

Launched in November 2023, Nebius AI is a leading European AI cloud platform and an NVIDIA preferred cloud service provider, offering high-end infrastructure optimized for AI model training and inference. Nebius AI boasts a team of over 500 skilled engineers, delivering a true hyperscale-cloud experience tailored for AI practitioners.

As we’re starting this technological partnership, we aim to deliver new joint features to users of both companies' products to streamline versioning control in their ML workloads.

For now, it is, of course, possible to manage dataset and model versioning on Nebius AI by integrating DVC with our Object Storage. See the comprehensive guide in the docs.

Nebius AI team
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