Introducing feature requests: share you ideas on advancing Nebius AI

There’s a new, convenient way to share ideas for advancing our AI-centric cloud, discuss them with us and the community, and get upvotes from others interested. Introducing the place for requesting Nebius AI features.

Why share ideas? Because by doing so, you enhance not only your own experience using the platform but also the workflows of fellow practitioners in the industry!

Here’s how to request a feature:

  1. Explore ideas that are already shared on the portal. Upvote those that would help you make your AI pipelines more efficient.
  2. Hit “Create” and suggest your own idea, like a new product for our platform, a new component for one of the existing services, a new tool for the Marketplace, or more ways to deploy tools — whatever comes to mind. Think about how other folks with different workloads can benefit from this new feature.
  3. See if the idea resonates with others — if so, they might upvote it and suggest additional thoughts in the comments. You can engage in the conversation as well.
  4. Our team discusses internally and provides updates on each incoming idea.
  5. The more ideas you suggest, the higher you will rank on the leaderboard on the right.

Let’s build the best GPU cloud together:

Valeria Shchennikova
Product Manager at Nebius AI
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