AI-centric cloud platform ready for intensive workloads

Get NVIDIA H100 from $2.12 per hour*. A training-ready platform with competitive pricing and a wide range of NVIDIA® Tensor Core GPUs: H100, A100, L40S and V100.

Built for large-scale ML workloads

Get the most out of multihost training on thousands of H100 GPUs of full mesh connection with latest InfiniBand network up to 3.2Tb/s per host.

Best value for money

Save at least 50% on your GPU compute compared to major public cloud providers***. Save even more with reserves and volumes of GPUs.

Onboarding assistance

We guarantee a dedicated engineer support to ensure seamless platform adoption. Get your infrastructure optimized and k8s deployed.

Fully managed Kubernetes & Slurm

Simplify the deployment, scaling and management of ML frameworks with Managed Kubernetes or opt for Slurm for efficient, large-scale job scheduling.

Marketplace with ML frameworks

Explore our Marketplace with its ML-focused libraries, applications, frameworks and tools to streamline your model training.

Easy to use

Enjoy our platform UX: detailed documentation, resources management in our user-friendly cloud console, CLI or Terraform, VM access via SSH.

Join the GPU auction and save on NVIDIA® H100 GPU hours

Secure the best price on top NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs with 3.2 Tbit/s InfiniBand! Just make a bid in our user-friendly console and get your cluster.

Get a training-ready platform, not just a GPU cloud

Train your LLM or Generative AI model on NVIDIA® H100 Tensor Core GPUs right away


Price per 1 GPU H100 SXM5 + InfiniBand.
3-year reserve*


  • NVIDIA® H100
  • 20 Intel® Sapphire Rapids vCPUs
  • 160 GB RAM


Price per 1 GPU H100 SXM5 + InfiniBand.
6-month reserve, 8-32 cards


  • 16 × NVIDIA® H100
  • 16 × 20 Intel® Sapphire Rapids vCPUs
  • 16 × 160 GB RAM

Estimated cost for 16 GPUs with 6-month reserve if running 24/7 is $​​254,900.


Price per 1 H100 SXM5 GPU + InfiniBand.
3-month reserve, 8-32 cards


  • 16 × NVIDIA® H100
  • 16 × 20 Intel® Sapphire Rapids vCPUs
  • 16 × 160 GB RAM

Estimated cost for 16 GPUs with 3-month reserve if running 24/7 is $131,700.


Price per 1 GPU H100 SXM5 + InfiniBand. No commitments.


  • 1 × NVIDIA® H100
  • 1 × 20 Intel® Sapphire Rapids vCPUs
  • 1 × 160 GB RAM

Essential products to boost your model training

Infrastructure & Network

Computing and network resources that scale on demand as the basis for your AI-training.


Fully integrated with Nebius platform services, Marketplace is your one-stop shop for any third-party solutions and software you might need in your ML/AI projects.

Ready-to-use virtual machine images and Kubernetes applications. Pre-configured environment with the most popular tools for MLOps such as Docker, Argo CD, Apache Airflow and libraries for ML such as PyTorch, CatBoost, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, Keras, CUDA, and more.

Walk around our state-of-the-art data center in Finland

We filmed this video 60 kilometers from Helsinki, the home of the Nebius data center. This is where we built ISEG, the #19 most powerful supercomputer in the world. And there’s more: recently, we also constructed a supercluster of 8,000 GPUs installed into servers and racks of our own design.

Tested with data-intensive workloads

With Nebius, we’re able to efficiently utilize clusters of L40S GPUs for NOVA-1's video inference for businesses. It is incredibly efficient — we see 40% cost efficiency gains with L40S without sacrificing content quality or video generation speed.

Our consumer-targeted model was initially trained on Nebius infrastructure, and now hundreds of thousands of users are generating personalized videos on the Diffuse app, which is pioneering​ AI-powered social media content creation on mobile devices.

Alex Mashrabov, Co-founder and CEO at Higgsfield AI

Powered by NVIDIA, world’s leading GPU manufacturer

As an NVIDIA preferred cloud service provider, we offer access to the NGC Catalog with GPU-accelerated software that speeds up end-to-end workflows with performance-optimized containers, pre-trained ML models, and industry-specific SDKs that can be deployed in the cloud.

Start training and scaling your ML model today

The price is valid for a 3-year reserve with 50% prepayment.

✻✻ Roadmap 2024

✻✻✻ Compared to Amazon Web Services and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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