Cloud Organization

The service provides a way to set up and manage a secure multi-account environment differentiating user access to an organization’s cloud resources.

Federated access

Create an identity federation with any SAML-enabled credential management service, enabling you to use corporate accounts to log in to Nebius services.

Access management

In Cloud Organization, you can manage the list of users and assign them roles in services connected to Nebius.

Single Sign-On

Users can log in to Nebius services through Single Sign‑On (SSO) using their Google accounts or corporate accounts.

Intuitive cloud console for a smooth user experience

To enable your employees to use Nebius resources, create an organization and add them to it.

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Questions and answers about Organization

What is an organization?

This is a structural unit where you can manage the list of your employees, set up single sign-on for them in Nebius services, and assign them roles.