Nebius AI is a European AI-centric public cloud with global expertise

Data center in Finland

Our own data center in South Finland features server racks designed in-house for cloud-specific high load, with modern electrical solutions and a free-cooling system.

Four development hubs

Nebius is an international company headquartered in the Netherlands, with engineering hubs in Finland, Serbia and Israel.

500+ professionals

Our mature team of engineers has a proven track record in developing sophisticated cloud and ML solutions and designing cutting-edge hardware.

What Nebius means

Our brand name, Nebius, was carefully chosen to reflect our mission and values as a company. Combining “nebula”, the Latin word for cloud, with a reference to the endless Möbius strip, our name embodies our belief in the endless possibilities offered by cloud technologies.

HPC-ready hyperscaler-grade data center with exceptional power usage efficiency

Our own data center and its servers and racks are specifically designed for cloud and ML workloads by our own R&D team. The racks are optimized for free cooling and can operate within an inlet temperature range of +15°C to +40°C. Servers designed by Nebius are 28% more efficient compared to an average data center.

In combination with outstanding power usage efficiency, this hardware layer allows us to offer competitive pricing for GPU resources.

What’s our inspiration?

We recognize the potential of ML and AI technologies and aim to provide our future users with accessible ML solutions in the cloud. We are committed to delivering the best user experience and excellent customer support.