Join our webinars — we’re excited to share our insights about all things AI and ML. And let’s meet in person at conferences and other events. Looking forward to see you!

Upcoming events and webinars

AI Rabbit Hole

April 19, San Francisco, USA.

A conference where the industry leaders get together.

Deploying a knowledge-based chatbot with RAG in production

May 16, Thursday, 17:00 (GMT+1).

Join our hands-on webinar to explore the deployment of a knowledge-based chatbot using RAG in a production environment.

Recent events

AIAI San Jose

April 16-17, San Jose, USA.

AIAI San Jose bridges the gap between cutting edge research & value-driving application for developers, engineering teams & AI executives.

MLOps Meetup

April 11, Thursday, 18:00. Amsterdam.

We will organize our first meetup in Amsterdam with

Slurm vs K8s for large model training

March 28, Thursday, 16:00 (GMT+1).

Join us to explore Slurm and Kubernetes, covering their architecture, design, original purposes, and adaptations for ML.


March 19-21, 2024. San Jose, USA.

NVIDIA GTC is the developer conference for the era of AI.

Nebius AI: a new cloud platform powered by NVIDIA® H100 GPUs

February 29, Thursday, 13:00 (GMT+1).

Recraft’s founder and CEO Anna Veronika Dorogush, and our experts Andrew and Levon will highlight the platform’s features and capabilities.

World AI Cannes Festival

February 8-10, 2024. Cannes, France.

The unique global event bringing together organizations and individuals to explore how AI will shape the future of business and of our society

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