Launch your RAG

Retrieval-Augmented Generation offers immense benefits for AI, but implementation can be a challenge. With the Nebius Al platform, you can effectively manage and control the production of RAG solutions, with expert assistance available if needed. Integrate RAG seamlessly into your AI workflows to boost performance and reliability.

Exceptional user experience and a wide range of tools

With its intuitive cloud console and tools for Al and RAG workloads such as Kubernetes® and Terraform, the Nebius Al platform ensures the best experience.


Explore tools from top vendors in machine learning, AI software development and security. Discover the best vector stores and inference tools available.

Best guaranteed uptime

Our platform features a self-healing system, allowing VMs and hosts to restart in minutes, not hours.

Scale your capacity up or down

The on-demand payment model allows you to dynamically scale your compute capacity with a simple console request. And you can save on resources with our long-term reserve discounts.

Everything you need for a better RAG and inference

Our architecture is designed to solve the high RPS and production-related challenges such as availability, scalability, observability, disaster recovery and security.

Intuitive cloud console for a smooth user experience

Manage your infrastructure and grant granular access to resources.

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Architect and expert support

We guarantee dedicated solution architect support to ensure seamless platform adoption.

We also offer free 24/7 support for urgent cases. Our support engineers are an integral part of our in-house team and work closely with platform developers, product managers and the R&D team.

Solution library and documentation

The RAG Generative Al Solution, built on NVIDIA technologies, combines language models and data retrieval to produce Al-generated text with unprecedented precision and relevance.

This solution is designed for a wide range of applications, from improved customer support to streamlined content creation. Thanks to a combination of detailed data retrieval and AI generative capabilities, the responses are accurate and contextually relevant.

Our expert’s insights

  • Techniques for deploying RAG in a production setting using open source tools.
  • The foundational architecture of RAG, customized for efficient scalability in production environments.
  • A live demonstration of the chatbot deployment, emphasizing practical deployment strategies and operational considerations.