AI expertise at your service

Launch your custom AI solution with the help of our experts, even if you’ve already started on your own. We can work with our secure infrastructure or your cloud provider, using external open-source tools and both proprietary and open-source AI models, depending on your project requirements.

Data processing automation

Text to SQL tools, reporting automation, procurement, and other use cases.

Internal and external agents

Chat bots simplifying work with documentation, internal wikis, customer support, and more.

Copilots for routine tasks

Email writing, report summarization and text rewriting.

Fine-tuned LLMs

LLMs tailored to a specific domain with custom data.

RAG-based services

Document search and processing, Q&A agents.

And more

Contact us and tell us more about your project.

Benefit from our customer-centric approach


Our team of experts leverages in-house and open-source generative AI techniques to create intelligent solutions tailored to your business needs.

We use the most recent advanced AI models, fine-tuned to your task, adapting to new information and providing accurate and trustworthy outputs.


We customize proprietary and open-source AI models to align with your specific industry and existing workflows, adapting as your needs evolve.

Choose your infrastructure provider, whether it’s your current cloud or Nebius AI secure infrastructure, for additional GPU compute if needed.

High-speed delivery

We have a battle-tested, resilient infrastructure utilizing top-class NVIDIA GPUs, allowing us to move quickly in building reliable solutions without downtime.

You get a head start in the competition by swiftly launching high-quality AI-powered products.

Get help from world-class experts

We build state-of-the-art generative AI models. Our team of AI experts, including PhD-level researchers and engineers, focuses on R&D for your products, ensuring trustworthy results.

With extensive experience in developing AI systems from scratch, we manage their deployment and provide ongoing support, creating cost-efficient, high-quality solutions. We also offer continuous advice in AI, R&D, deployment and production issue management, ensuring you have a strategic partner at every step.


I am an engineer who started using Generative AI for my solution but would like some guidance. Can you help me build a better system?

Yes, this is exactly what we can do. We will accelerate your development and provide advice and assistance in building your production system.

Own your generative AI. Transform your business

Reach out to us with more details about your project. We look forward to seeing how we can assist you.