Nebius AI in Israel

Handle your ML tasks with the latest NVIDIA GPUs, store and process data under Israel’s legislation, get support in Hebrew and billing in shekels. Our Israeli team is here to help.

Legal entity in Israel

We have an established, local legal entity and operations, so you’re safe in terms of taxes, contracting, etc.

Three data centers

The facilities are located underground, designed to withstand threats and disasters. They also feature servers of own Nebius design.

Architects speaking Hebrew

For expert guidance, rely on our specialists speaking both Hebrew and English, ensuring you navigate the cloud efficiently and effectively.

Get a training-ready platform, not just GPUs

Firsthand experience of our customers

The Tel Aviv University Center for AI and Data Science

Learn how TAD harnessed the power of Nebius to streamline their research and educational processes. See how our Nebius services have enabled TAD to achieve new heights in academic and technological advancement. Don’t just take our word for it — watch and discover how Nebius has made a difference in TAD’s journey.

Transparent pricing in ILS or USD

Suitable for projects of any scale

Nebius pricing options will suit big companies with LLM-scale tasks and small projects as well.

Straight-forward, transparent pricing

Only pay for what you use, and easily keep track of your expenses with our granular billing system.

Shekels or dollars

Use your local currency to pay for resources consumed in Nebius infrastructure.

Example of pricing calculation for Compute Cloud

Prices for H100 and A100

H100: ₪​​​18 615/month

PAYG. Including 17% VAT.

The complete configuration:

  • 1 × NVIDIA® H100
  • 1 × 20 Intel® Sapphire Rapids vCPUs
  • 1 × 160 GB RAM

H100: ₪​​​148 920/month

PAYG. Including 17% VAT.

The complete configuration:

  • 8 × NVIDIA® H100
  • 8 × 20 Intel® Sapphire Rapids vCPUs
  • 8 × 160 GB RAM

A100: ₪​​​9 294/month

PAYG. Including 17% VAT.

The complete configuration:

  • 1 × NVIDIA® A100
  • 1 × 28 AMD EPYC vCPUs
  • 1 × 119 GB RAM

A100: ₪​​​74 352/month

PAYG. Including 17% VAT.

The complete configuration:

  • 8 × NVIDIA® A100
  • 8 × 28 AMD EPYC vCPUs
  • 8 × 119 GB RAM

The Nebius data centers in Israel

Our cloud platform operates from three underground Nebius data centers, strategically positioned in geo-distributed locations: Lod, Jerusalem, and Tirat Carmel. Each data center has two independent internet connections for reliable performance and features multi-level security. Being deep underground provides extra protection, ensuring top safety. They not only comply with local and global standards but also boast a rapid round trip latency of just three milliseconds.

Cloud Security Alliance

Israel's PPL

Israel's PPR: transfer abroad

Israel's PPR: data security

ISO 27001

ISO 27017

ISO 27018


Dedicated local support team

Two forms of tech support

Nebius offers help through documentation and from our local support team via email.

We speak your language

Receive assistance in both Hebrew and English, tailored to address your queries.

Feel free to get in touch

Our team answers customer emails Sunday‑Thursday 10:00‑19:00.

Support chat example

Start using AI-centric cloud in Israel

Get a setup for your workflow with our sales and solutions architect teams. Nebius enables Israeli ML practitioners and engineers to handle complex training and other kinds of heavy compute tasks.