Innovative data center and hardware of Nebius AI

Nebius AI data center, hardware, and solar farm reflect our dedication to green energy. With servers and racks designed in-house, as well as modern solutions of the whole facility, we continuously scale our GPU-equipped fleet.

Own data center in Finland

Located in South Finland, our data center is packed with modern systems in every aspect of compute, storage, and data processing. The facility allows free-cooling just with outdoor air and features innovative power supply.

Servers and racks of own design

Nebius R&D team designs and assembles servers and racks in-house for ML-specific workloads. To ensure fast data transfer, we equip nodes with 3.2 Tbit/s per host InfiniBand interconnection.

With environment in mind

The data center is eco-friendly. We utilize power from our solar panel farm and use excess heat generated from the servers to keep nearby houses warm.

Dedicated server nodes for training and inference, all designed in-house by Nebius AI

Training AI models is a data-intensive process, with significant input and output. Our dedicated server node features the SXM5 GPU board with eight NVIDIA H100s allowing the massive throughput, in which speedy data transfer is key. The aforementioned 3.2 TB/s are achieved through using eight InfiniBand network cards, 400 GB/s each.

After the training, comes inference. Once a model has been stored in the GPU’s memory, it’s all set for smaller tasks like generating text or images based on prompts. Our inference-ready solution accommodates up to four dual-slot air-cooled PCI Express 5.0 GPUs.

Using these solutions, we built ISEG, a top-16 supercomputer in the world

We weren’t aiming to create a supercomputer. Yet our R&D team decided to test a part of the platform which was free of customers’ workloads at that moment. For that, they used a benchmark from the Top 500.

ISEG is now 16th in the world’s ranking — and 4th in Europe.

Ready to run your workloads on high-end hardware?