Supercomputer by Nebius AI

At Nebius AI, we are developing a public AI-centric cloud platform, tools and infrastructure for ML. How could Nebius AI and supercomputers be related?

We weren’t aiming to create a supercomputer. Yet our R&D team decided to test a part of the platform which was free of customers’ workloads at that moment. For that they used a benchmark from the Top 500.

Nebius AI supercomputer ISEG took the 16th place in the Top 500 ranking!

What is the Top 500 list

The Top 500 ranks the most powerful commercially available computer systems. This rating is a basis for statistics on the market of high-performance computers. The benchmark is available at






Nebius AI is a platform ready for intensive workloads. We understand the importance of using hardware as efficiently as possible. That’s why we design and assemble servers specifically tailored for hosting modern GPUs like the NVIDIA H100.

Our latest server rack generation presents node solutions for ML training and for inference.

How you can use Nebius AI supercomputer

The Nebius AI supercomputer is our platform available to all customers, meaning that you can use our resources for your AI projects: creating and developing LLMs, fine-tuning your models, performing a HPC. As an NVIDIA preferred partner, we offer access to the latest GPUs.

Robust hardware, best-in-class software specialized for ML&AI, dedicated support and competitive pricing — Nebius AI has it all.