Resource Manager

The service allows to view and manage Nebius resources: clouds, folders, and other cloud components.

Granular access

Configure resource access rights at the following levels: organization — cloud — folder — resource. Assign roles to access separate folders or resources or make your cloud resources public.

Flexible structure

Configure the cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of your team. Arrange resources in folders based on the project and use labels to logically separate resources.

Convenient control

Manage your clouds and folders effortlessly via the management console or command line interface (CLI).

Intuitive cloud console for a smooth user experience

Resource Manager service defines the Nebius AI resource model and allows you to use folders to structure your resources.

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Questions and answers about Resource Manager

What does the Nebius resource model look like?

Resource Manager uses the resource model organization — cloud — folder — resource. Access rights are inherited as follows: cloud rights apply to all resources within the cloud, and folder rights apply to all resources in the folder.