Nebius AI: a new cloud platform powered by NVIDIA® H100 GPUs

Join our first live webinar! Recraft’s founder and CEO Anna Veronika Dorogush will share insights on heavy model training using Nebius AI infrastructure, and our experts Andrew and Levon will highlight the platform’s features and capabilities.

February 29, Thursday, 13.00 (GMT+1)

Anna Veronika Dorogush

Founder and CEO

Andrew Gorbunov

Sales Enablement Lead
Nebius AI

Levon Sarkisyan

Solutions Architect Lead
Nebius AI

For who
Founders of AI startups, ML engineers, MLOps engineers, and any roles interested in optimizing compute resources for their AI/ML tasks.

February 29, Thursday, 13.00 (GMT+1). We’ll finish around 14.00 after Q&A part.

Zoom. You will receive the link after registration.

You will learn

  • How we optimize our platform and hardware for ML/AI workloads and set up the InfiniBand network for GPU clusters.
  • What makes Nebius AI training-ready and which GPUs are available to you — and whether the performance of H100 truly makes a difference.
  • What allows us to offer prices 50% lower compared to major cloud providers.
  • How you will benefit from having a dedicated engineer.

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