The comprehensive and transparent billing service that helps to manage cloud resource usage and costs effectively.

It provides tools for cost allocation, budgeting, forecasting and offers detailed billing reports.

Grants and promocodes

Activate grants and promocodes in the console, and track their balance and status.

Granular billing

See your spending presented visually with output to charts and a wide range of filters.

Access control

Use special roles to allow or exclude access, and configure granular roles for accounting documents.

Stay informed

Determine your budget and set thresholds for when you receive notifications about your account.

Optimize your costs

Get a discount for committing to use a certain amount of Nebius AI services for 3+ months.

Intuitive cloud console for a smooth user experience

View charts with information about your usage of Nebius AI services.

Questions and answers about pricing and billing

What is an initial grant?

When you start working with Nebius AI, you receive an initial grant. It is provided if you:

  • Have never purchased Nebius AI services.
  • Have not activated the trial period before.
    The initial grant is valid for 30 days and amounts to $1000, excluding taxes and fees.