Container Registry

This service offers a simple and secure way to manage Docker images and containers. It features reliable storage with automatic replication, ensuring your Docker images are always safe and accessible.

Reliable storage

Docker images are placed in fault-tolerant storage. Automatic replication is configured for all data: each replica changes when Docker images are edited, created, or deleted.

Common tools for working with registries

You can use the service via the management console, command line interface (CLI), or the standard Docker CLI. The service is compatible with the Docker Registry HTTP API V2.

Low upkeep

You use a Docker image and we take care of maintaining the infrastructure where your registry is running. You only pay for the space used by your Docker images.

Different ways to work with Docker containers

The service provides containers for Linux and Windows OS. Use them however you want: running on your local machine or on a Compute Cloud VM.

Docker images near the infrastructure

High speed Docker image operations without expenses for external traffic: Docker image registries are hosted in the same data centers where your cloud infrastructure is deployed.

Security and access control

Docker images are transmitted via HTTPS. You choose who can view, pull, push, or delete them.

ML/AI cycle use cases where this service is essential

AI Model training

Streamline and speed up your ML training process by using Container Registry to store the environments and run your Jupyter notebooks inside containers.

AI Model inference

Store containers with environments all set up for ML inference so you can easily recreate the production-ready environment you need, with all required libraries' and frameworks' versions.

Integration with cloud services

Store your Docker images to work with Managed Service for Kubernetes®, get access to them via service accounts, and create a VM with a Container Optimized Image for running Docker containers.

Intuitive cloud console for a smooth user experience

Сreate your first registry and try managing Docker images.

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Questions and answers about Container Registry

How do I create a registry?

You can create a registry in the management console or CLI.