Managed Service for ClickHouse®

Manage fast analytical DBMS in the Nebius infrastructure.

The service is provided free of charge and is at the Preview stage.

Low upkeep

Focus on your project while we take care of database maintenance: software backups, monitoring, fault tolerance, and updates.

Horizontal and vertical scaling

Add hosts to a cluster, upgrade their class, and enable sharding to improve your cluster performance with just a click of a button.

Real-time processing of big data

Easily handle queries to large amounts of data in real time, while saving space in column-based storage thanks to strong data compression.

SQL queries in the console

Visualize the data structure in your ClickHouse cluster and send SQL queries to databases from the console.

ML/AI cycle use cases where this service is essential

Vector storage

ClickHouse optimizes vector storage for ML tasks, making storage more compact and retrieval faster. This boosts the performance of ML workloads, especially for real-time embeddings.

Internal analytics

Aggregate information that you collect through various systems, including distributed ones. Quickly visualize data, customize dashboards, and analyze events and business processes in real time.

Incident monitoring

Track incidents and create reports in real time. Set up a regular upload of large data packages to ClickHouse. Maximize efficiency by sending at least a thousand rows at a time.

We take care of most database maintenance

Managed Service for ClickHouse
ClickHouse self‑installation
Data access control
VM deployment
Network configurations
OS and software installation
Data replication setup
Data storage and hardware security
Integration with Nebius services
Monitoring tools

Customer control

Nebius control

Intuitive cloud console for a smooth user experience

Select the needed compute capacity and create a ready-to-use ClickHouse cluster.

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Questions and answers about Managed Service for ClickHouse

What version of ClickHouse does Managed Service for ClickHouse use?

Managed Service for ClickHouse suppports ClickHouse 23.8.

ClickHouse is a registered trademark of ClickHouse, Inc.