Managed Service for YTsaurus

YTsaurus is an open source big data platform for distributed storage and processing. Use this service to manage YTsaurus clusters in the Nebius infrastructure.

Multitenant ecosystem

Benefit from a cohesive set of subsystems including MapReduce, SQL query engine, job scheduler with GPU support and key-value store. It is built to support a large number of users efficiently, streamlining hardware utilization.

Unmatched reliability

Experience peace of mind with no single point of failure. Our automated server replication and update processes ensure your work progresses without interruption.

Any project, any size

Find the great fit for projecs of all sizes: from 3 nodes to 10 000+ nodes with up to 1 million CPU cores, thousands of GPUs and exabytes of data storage across various media.

Rich functionality

Leverage an expansive MapReduce model, distributed ACID transactions and a variety of SDKs and APIs. We also offer secure isolation for both compute resources and storage.

SPYT powered by Apache Spark

Write ETL processes with ease using a popular toolset. We offer support for multiple isolated clusters and facilitate easy migration for your existing solutions.

CHYT Powered by ClickHouse®

Utilize the well-known SQL dialect and fast analytic queries you’re familiar with. Our service integrates seamlessly with popular BI solutions via JDBC and ODBC.

Explore diverse use cases with Managed YTsaurus

Batch computations

Need to process large datasets in a predictable and resilient way? Upload them to YTsaurus and use MapReduce, SQL or Apache Spark. Suitable for AI, scientific, financial and other workloads.

Data warehousing

Managed service for YTsaurus is a convenient tool for all kinds of analytical workloads: data ingestion, ETL/ELT, ad-hoc queries and visualization using popular BI systems.

AI development

Use YTsaurus as a storage for structured and semi-structured model training data, experiment using built-in Jupyter Notebooks and train models in batch manner on GPUs.

We take care of almost all stages of the database maintenance

Managed Service for YTsaurus
YTsaurus self‑installation
Data access control
VM deployment
Network configurations
OS installation
YTsaurus deployment
YTsaurus updates
Integration with Nebius services
Monitoring tools

Managed by you

Managed by Nebius

Experience our smooth UX

A user-friendly and easy-to-use UI for admins and data analysts.

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The service is currently at the Preview stage but as an exception is available only for a fee, under special conditions.