Compute Cloud

This service provides secure and scalable computing capacity for hosting, testing and prototyping your projects.

GPU-accelerated computing instances use top-of-line NVIDIA® GPUs, such as NVIDIA® H100 Tensor Core, and are specifically designed for AI training, deep learning and other high-performance computing workloads.

Latest GPUs available

Solve complex computing problems with thousands of NVIDIA® H100 Tensor Core GPUs of full mesh connection without any oversubscription and with latest InfiniBand network up to 3.2Tb/s per host.

Unlimited scaling

Scale effortlessly from one to eight GPUs in a single virtual machine, or expand to thousands in Infiniband clusters. Choose between reserving guaranteed capacity and adapting flexibly with a pay-as-you-go model.

Convenient control

Manage your VMs in the console, via the CLI or using popular tools like Terraform, Packer, or Jenkins. Choose the necessary number of cores, disks, RAM, and the amount of GPU. Easily monitor their utilization and associated costs.

ML/AI cycle use cases where this service is essential

Data processing

ML/AI requires extensive computational resources, as they often involve large datasets and complex algorithms that can take a long time to process. Compute Cloud provides storage options that allow easy access, retrieval and organization of data for processing.

Works with
Object Storage

AI Model training

AI model training requires significant computational power. Using a Compute Cloud service with easily accessed NVIDIA H100 GPUs allows you to easily scale up or down the resources based on your specific needs. It also enables you to quickly launch virtual machines with pre-configured environments, frameworks and libraries, reducing the time to set up and deploy your AI models.

AI Model inference

Nebius AI provides flexibility in deploying AI models by providing multiple deployment options. Models can be deployed on cloud instances or embedded within web applications, always accessible and available for inference, even during peak loads or hardware failures.

Best of NVIDIA GPUs available


Great choice for inference of modern generative AI models with intensive loads.


A cost-effective choice for inference and fine-tuning of time-proven models, not requiring BF16 precision support.


Effective for inference and fine-tuning of conventional models with moderate loads.

H100 with Infiniband

Perfect for all model production and operational tasks, whether using a single GPU or thousands in a GPU cluster.


Best, if speed is your top priority. Coming soon!


Next-level performance for training and inference. Coming soon!

Intuitive cloud console for a smooth user experience

Create a VM with an operating system optimized for your tasks and monitor GPU usage.

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Questions and answers about Compute Cloud

What is Compute Cloud?

Compute Cloud by Nebius AI is a scalable, high-performance virtual machine service that enables you to host, test and prototype your AI and ML projects on demand.