Object Storage

This service provides secure, scalable and cost-effective cloud object storage. Store, easily access, share and manage large amounts of unstructured data.


Store as much data as you want: cloud object storage grows automatically to meet your needs.

Compatible with the Amazon S3 API

To manage Object Storage, you can use tools compatible with Amazon S3, including the API, CLI, WinSCP, Java SDK, or Python SDK.

Diverse types of objects

Images and videos for computer vision applications, text data for LLM, logs or time-series data for anomaly detection system and more.

Data versioning

Keep multiple versions of an object in the same bucket and track different versions of datasets and models in your AI project.

Lifecycle Automation

Efficiently manage ML data storage with configurable rules that automate actions on datasets and models.

ML/AI cycle use cases where this service is essential

Data preprocessing

In ML/AI, data preprocessing is a critical step that involves cleaning, formatting and transforming data. Object Storage provides a convenient, scalable and reliable way to store large volumes of preprocessed data efficiently.

AI model training

ML/AI projects require significant amounts of data for training and testing models. Object Storage provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for storing large datasets and can significally simplify loading training data into the AI models and storing model checkpoints during the training process.

AI model inference

AI models generate output or inference results, which need to be stored and further processed or analyzed. Object storage facilitates storing and organizing the inference results, providing a foundation for downstream data processing and analysis.

Intuitive cloud console for a smooth user experience

Create and configure your first bucket. Drag files to the bucket screen to upload them.

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Questions and answers about Object Storage

What is Object Storage (S3)?

Object Storage is a scalable solution for storing various types of data. It is the perfect choice both for high-load services that require reliable and fast access to data, and for projects with minimal requirements for storage infrastructure. As objects are accessed by ID, you can store data in any format.

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