April 1st: fun facts — notable milestones

It’s an unexpected day to reflect on what has been going on at our company, right? Still, we thought, why not share a few facts — a blend of the earnest and the slightly amusing ones.

It’s a thrill to build an AI-centric cloud platform. While advancing it for our customers, we are eagerly anticipating what’s coming next. By the way, it’s been only a few months since we started.

Let’s kick things off with benchmarks.

The monthly ‘hare rate’ (calculated by our DC engineers observing from the office) has been stable for a while. As we all know, stability is vital for any cloud platform — along with performance.

Turning to serious matters, we spent quite a bit of time researching the GPU cloud field we entered.

But market research is one thing and the real usage is another. Let’s turn our attention to what our clients are doing. They’re training, fine-tuning, and inferencing.

For instance, this particular company has utilized lots of GPUs for its project. We are proud to help.

Such multi-host training would be impossible without the InfiniBand network transferring data between GPU hosts. It operates at a staggering speed thanks to the efforts of our engineers, allowing for the most complex computations.

To optimize their GPU-hours, clients orchestrate virtual machines. The key service for that is Managed Kubernetes, and our customers agree:

Indeed, customer satisfaction when training is the Answer to the Ultimate Question for us. Happens to coincide with the peak amount of nodes as well.

Adopting Kubernetes is not everything, though. We’re committed to providing clients with as many useful tools as possible. That’s why we bring additional ones, produced by the partners, through the Marketplace.

Delivering Managed Kubernetes, Marketplace, and other important stuff would be impossible without a team. So here are the team numbers.

It’s incredible how many people share our dedication and have joined the company in such a short period of time. If the bootcamp program is offered to someone, it means that during the first months they will be working at different departments across the company, trying different domains. Then these teams and employees themselves can decide which position suits them best. Ex-bootcampers always bring value as they have experienced cloud development from multiple perspectives.

What can one say about this? Bootcampers and other members need fuel to stay sharp and be capable of writing a truly AI-centric cloud platform.

Returning to the topic of hares, another KPI has been reached recently. Huge thanks to our administrative team for providing the supply of food.

There is one final stat to share:

We’ll help with that. See you soon!

Nebius AI team
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