Nebius AI is now open to everyone

We’re excited to announce that our platform is now officially open to everybody. Whether you are a company or an individual engineer, access the GPU cloud console straight away and start running your machine learning experiments.

Get started by logging in with your Google or GitHub account. You can manage your cloud resources from our splendid console, CLI, by connecting via the API, or by using a Terraform provider.

To make your journey easier, we have prepared pages in the documentation on how to create an account in Nebius AI, set up your billing (including, for example, linking a credit card), and sort out your taxes.

Explore the console and CLI, configure the necessary services, add third-party products from the Marketplace — this will create you a perfect workplace environment for data preparation, model training, fine-tuning, and running inference. In case of additional questions, you can contact our technical support directly from the console or via email.

Nebius AI team
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