Weights & Biases Launch agent is now available on Marketplace

Discover the latest addition to Marketplace provided by W&B. The Launch agent, a tool for handling ML experiments, can be deployed right away. This marks the beginning of a broader tech partnership between Nebius and W&B, with more outcomes on the way.

Weights & Biases is the AI developer platform supporting end-to-end MLOps and LLMops workflows, used by over 30 foundation model builders and 1,000 companies to productionize machine learning at scale. W&B license unlocks a toolkit to build models faster by tracking experiments, iterating on datasets, evaluating model performance, reproducing models, and managing ML workflows. It is compatible with any framework, environment, or workflow.

A few lines of code allow teams to save artifacts for further debugging, comparison, and reproduction of models.

The launch agent application connects to the specified WandB queue, runs jobs and sweeps from it while reporting progress and results back to W&B. It is most suitable if you are using W&B but not willing to dive into DevOps. You can deploy a launch agent in your Managed Kubernetes clusters using this Marketplace product.

Anna Simakov
Product & Process Manager
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