Nebius AI monthly digest, May 2024

In May, we published a guide on using DVC in Nebius, discussed Slurm vs K8s and fundamentals of LoRA, picked the best GPUs for CV, hosted a webinar on applying RAG — and welcomed our tech partner Weights & Biases with its Launch agent in Marketplace.

Upcoming webinar: Decoding GPU pricing — tips from a CFO

The GPU cloud market is flourishing, bringing with it a variety of pricing models. Join our CFO Danila Pavlov as he guides you through the intricacies of GPU pricing.

Register here and tune in on June 27. During the webinar, Danila will provide practical tips on interpreting official price lists, identifying hidden costs and asking your service provider the right questions.

Deploying a knowledge-based chatbot with RAG in production

Using retrieval-augmented generation, our Cloud Solutions Architect Boris Popov built a production-ready chatbot. This implementation leverages open-source technologies and is powered by NVIDIA® H100 Tensor Core GPUs. Boris also discussed integration with K8s, CUDA, Triton Server, TensorRT, Milvus, PyTorch and Llama2:

What’s new on our docs and blog

Deploying a Slurm cluster on Nebius AI VMs
Learn how to set up a Slurm cluster in Nebius AI to efficiently manage and schedule your computing jobs. This tutorial guides you through the process of deploying the cluster, configuring nodes and submitting and monitoring jobs.

Versioning data with DVC and Object Storage
Explore how to integrate Data Version Control (DVC) with Object Storage for managing machine learning project data. This tutorial covers setting up DVC, configuring remote storage and versioning data files, enabling reproducibility and collaboration in your ML workflows.

Slurm vs Kubernetes: a comprehensive blog post
Scaling your machine learning workloads will eventually require resource orchestration. Our Cloud Solutions Architect Panu Koskela compares the most popular options today — Slurm and Kubernetes, covering their design origins, ML adaptations and other factors to consider.

Which GPUs should you choose for CV?
In the field of computer vision, selecting the appropriate hardware can be tricky due to the variety of models and their different architectures. This article explores the criteria for selecting the best GPU for CV.

Fundamentals of LoRA and low‑rank fine-tuning
In the next installment of our series of deep technical articles on AI research, we’re switching attention to the famous LoRA, a low-rank adaptation technique.

Marketplace releases

Benefit from the first part of our technological partnership with Weights & Biases by deploying the Launch agent — and don’t forget to check out other releases.

Weights & Biases Launch agent
Run jobs and track progress in W&B

Facilitate the deployment and utilization of LLMs

Run fast LLM inference and serving

Streamline the process of annotating for CV

Nebius AI team
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